What Causes Warts?

Warts are certainly unsightly and in some cases their presence can be outright frightening.

After all, if you are not familiar with what warts are or what causes them, you might assume something is seriously wrong since now there is a growth on your skin.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power and those that take the time out to learn what causes warts will have some of their concerns put to ease.

Granted, you would still need to take the steps to actually treat the wart. They definitely will not go away by magic although it might seem they magically appear.

Why do they appear? There are is a biological reason for the presence of warts and it is best to scoff at any folk tales and go direct to the world of science for an answer.

What is a Wart?

Understanding what causes warts should always begin with taking time out to actually define what a wart is.

The most basic answer to what is a wart would be a benign growth that commonly appears on the hands or on the feet.

This growth may have a strange cauliflower like appearance.

This gives it an odd look that stands out in a very unflattering way.

IMPORTANT! Long-existing injury and were subjected to constant warts can degenerate into malignant tumors.

No one would wish to see warts appear on their skin so they will likely want to have it quickly removed.

For those that are not sure what causes warts, there can be a bit of fear that envelopes them since they are not sure why there growths are appearing.

What is it that causes warts?

A wart is not just a growth. It is an infection. Specifically, it is an infection found in the top layer of the skin. This is the result of a virus that has found its way into the skin.

The virus that you will have been infected by would be the human papillomavirus (HPV) virus.

This virus finds its way into the skin usually through a scratch. Does the scratch really have to be a serious or deep one?

Actually, the answer is no. Even a minor scratch in the surface of the skin can allow for the HPV virus to find its way in.

Once it has found its way into the skin then the growth process of the wart will commence.

As the virus injects the skin, there will be a reaction on the cells of the skin. This would be evidenced in the rapid growth of skin cells on the outer layers of the epidermis. In essence, this rapid growth of cells results in the wart.

Can you avoid the infection?

It would be very difficult to find a strategy that would make you 100% immune to developing a wart.

The reason is that a wart related infection can come from any form of contact with the virus.

    • You might shake hands with someone who has it or touch a doorknob that contains the virus.

    • For those that workout in a commercial gym, there can be all manner of instances where the virus could be present.

    • For those that might have a tear or cut on their skin, this creates the opening in which the virus might find its way into.

Once it is inside the skin then the wart may end up growing.

What causes warts? You could say that it is the result of coming in contact with the HPV virus.

That is the most basic and the most accurate answer to the question.

What is the path to treatment?

Causes WartsOnce you have discovered the presence of a wart, you likely will want to get rid of it.

Some will shudder at the notion they will have to visit the dermatologist to have it removed because of the cost.

Thankfully, there are over the counter treatments such as Wartrol which can be used to remove the warts easily and without much


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