What Are the Various Types of Warts?

Are all warts the same? Most people will say yes if their experience is derived from contracting a single type of wart more then once or seeing such a similar wart on the skin of someone else. To such people, a wart is just a wart. A growth of skin that looks like a tumor of some sort. A wart is harmless and can easily be gotten rid of through the use of a topical wart removal liquid. For those that have serious problems getting rid of any warts on their skin, it may be best to visit a doctor to have the wart removed.

There are Different Types of Warts

While this may be the common approach to treating a wart, it would be inaccurate to assume that all warts are exactly the same. The truth is there are many different types of warts which can appear on the human body. While similar, these warts do have their differences as well. Perhaps it would be best to look at these types of warts and define them.

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Common Warts

The warts people are most familiar with have a rather unsurprising name. These warts are what is known as the Common Wart. This is the wart that shows up in feet and hands or elbows and knees. These warts are generally not very large and are known for their dome-like shape. They are most distinguishable based on their cauliflower appearance. The color is a mix of gray and brown and you may see black dots in the center of the wart. Upon seeing these types of warts, it may be best to purchase a decent over the counter treatment which would be most likely to get rid of the growths.

Plantar Warts

Various Types of WartsPlantar Warts are the second most common warts people are familiar with.

This might be familiar with these warts due to the extremely painful aspect of these warts.

They are found on the bottom of the feet and whenever you walk or put weight on them, they can prove to be very painful.

This is why so many will look for a way to alleviate these warts as quickly as possible.

One of the easiest ways to alleviate the pain which can be caused by Plantar Warts would be to add cushioning soles to your shoes.

Yes, there are comforters that have been designed specifically for these warts.

There are also removal treatments for these warts. One removal method entails filing down the warts.

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Genital Warts

Various Types of WartsGenital Warts are commonly referred to as being a form of a sexually transmitted disease (SDT).

These ways show up in the genital region and can also be found on the inner thighs. The may even be found inside the anal region and the vagina.

Generally, it is suggested to see a doctor to remove these warts. Many over the counter wart solutions clearly not they are not intended to be used for genital warts.

That said, there may be some viable OTC genital wart treatments available.

Filiform Warts

You could say these are among the lesser known of the warts people are aware of. They are likely lesser known because they are not as common as the other forms of warts. However, they do have the annoying trait of being located on the face around the mouth, nose or eyes.

Flat Warts

Flat Warts are a lot like Common Warts although they can be a lot smaller and embody a flatter appearance. (Hence – the name) The problem with these warts is they can come in a host of different colors which can contrast significantly with the skin. They can also grow in large clusters which can prove serious problematic.

Removing the Warts

No matter what type of wart may appear on the skin, it is advised to look into the proper ways to get rid of it. This may require visiting the doctor but there may also be effective over the counter treatments capable of eliminating the various types of quite effectively.

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