How Do You Get Rid of Warts?

“How do you get rid of warts?”

This is the most common question most people will ask when they see the presence of warts on their skin.

They may not be very interested in how the warts got there or what is the science and biology behind the presence of warts.

All they know is there are warts on their skin and they want to get rid of them.

This would be a reasonable question to ask because no one would really want to allow warts to grow on their skin in an uncontrollable manner.

While benign, warts are unsightly. Thankfully, there are tried and true methods which can get rid of warts.

Waiting The Wart Out

It is possible that a person suffering from the presence of warts on the skin can literally wait out the wart.

That means it is possible to simply wait for the wart to fade away.

This may not happen for several months if the wart will actually fade away at all.

Well, it likely will fade away in time but there are no guarantees this will happen unless a tremendous amount of time passes.

Rather than wait for such a long period of time to pass, many will look for treatments.

These treatments can be at the doctor’s office or they can be through employing a reliable over the counter product.

The Doctor Strategy

Those wishing to immediately get rid of warts will go to the doctor’s office.

Unfortunately, some of the answers to the question “How do you get rid of warts?” is not always answered in such a way the person asking it is put at ease.

The treatment methods could be invasive ones that involve troubling procedures.

There will also be the issue of cost the procedures may prove quite expensive to perform.

The Most Common Medical Treatments

Prescription medications that are much more powerful than traditional over the counter treatments probably would be the least invasive approach to take.

These topical medications would be applied in a manner not much different from the over the counter versions.


How Do You Get Rid of WartsFreezing a wart would probably be the most common procedure performed in the doctor’s office.

The process of freezing a wart is known as cryotherapy.

The way the wart is frozen is usually through applying liquid nitrogen. There can be quite a bit of pain afterwards in some cases.


Burning (electrocautery), laser treatment, or surgical intervention.

Through the process of electrocautery the wart can be outright burned from the skin.

This can be a harsh process and is likely not popular among many wart sufferers.

As such, they may look for something less invasive such as laser treatment.

How Do You Get Rid of Warts


Laser treatment definitely has the potential to eradicate warts but the costs of such a procedure can be enormous.

In fact, laser removal might be the most costly means of getting rid of a wart.


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How Do You Get Rid of Warts


Surgery can remain a viable option for removing a wart.

However, it may be considered an archaic method of eliminating warts since other methods have been developed.

Additionally, there is always the risk of complications with a surgical procedure and this will always be the case no matter how minor a procedure may be.


Can someone that suffers from warts ask the question “How do you get rid of warts?” and receive an answer that does not involve a medical procedure? The answer is yes and it will entail using a topical wart removal treatment.

Topical Treatments

How Do You Get Rid of WartsThe use of topical wart removal treatments will require quite a bit of patience.

The reason this is so is because the wart solution will slowly burn away the wart over time.

By “time” it is meant that it will take several weeks for the wart to slowly go away.

However, it will go away without any troubles as long as a quality treatment is used. Many consumers have pointed to Wartrol as such a product.

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