A Few Wart Removal Methods

The minute you see warts on your skin you likely will end up feeling somewhat panicked.

This is nothing to be ashamed about. Once you start noticing growths on the skin then the probably will be taken aback. Common warts, mercifully, are benign growths of skin as a result of an HPV virus infection.

While mainly harmless, no one would want warts on their skin. Therefore, they will likely want to take the steps to have the warts removed.

Thankfully, there are more than a few wart removal methods which can be employed.

The Various Different Methods

There are quite a number of different methods which can be used to remove warts. Some require the care of a physician and other methods can be done at home using an over the counter topical solution.

Which one is better? The answer to that question is based on personal needs and how quickly (or cheaply) one would wish to get rid of the warts.

Performing a little research into the ways warts can be removed is advised since this would aid in making the right decision as to what approach to take.

Waiting The Wart Out

If bears mentioning that it may be possible to literally wait a wart out. In other words, you would simply wait for the wart to go away on its own.

This could take upwards of a year to occur so most people likely would prefer to find a reliable method that can get rid of the wart a lot quicker.

Visiting the Doctor

The most common wart removal methods most people are familiar with are found at the doctor’s office.

These methods may be a little costly and, in some cases, they may be quite a bit invasive.

However, they have been proven to be effective which is why they are worth looking closer at.

    • Freezing the wart is probably the most common way a wart can be eliminated at the doctor’s office. This process is known as cyrotherapy and it is relatively quick and painless although the skin could be tender to the touch for some time afterwards.
    • Prescription wart removal medicine can be acquired from the doctor. This medicine can then be applied to the wart over a period of several weeks. Doing so will eventually lead to the wart disappearing.
    • Laser treatment is a relatively new method of removing warts from the skin. As the name implies, a targeted laser will be used to destroy the wart and make it easy to be removed from the surface of the skin.

There is also a process which can be employed to literally burn the wart off. This might sound somewhat vicious but it really is not because the wart is not burned with fire. Rather, it is electricity that burns the wart. The way the current is delivered to the wart is through an electric needle. The name of this process is electrocautery and it can be quite effective as the electric needle will destroy the tissue of the wart.

Last, a trip to the doctor to remove a wart can result in surgery. The procedure would be a minor one and, honestly, most people would prefer one of the other methods as opposed to surgery. Of course, there will also be those that would prefer to undergo the surgical option because at least they have a familiarity with what it entails….or so they think. Discussing this or any procedure with a doctor is a must before undergoing it. Generally, it is always wise to at least look into the least invasive method to remove a wart.

At Home Treatments

There are topical at home treatments which can eliminate warts. The cost of these treatments is very inexpensive compared to medical ones. Simply applying a topical solution to the wart on a daily basis for a several week period is really all that is required. Wartrol may be among the best of these over the counter wart removal methods.

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